Upcoming Events


Christmas Party and Awards Banquet
December 14, 2019 at 3 p.m.

The Arkansas Valley Dressage Association Presents its second Christmas Party and Awards Banquet Celebration. Bring an ornament to exchange. Friends and family are invited to join in the festivities. This is a chance for members and friends to get together and celebrate the season, our horses and each other. The party will be at the Gooseberry Patch Restaurant in Penrose, CO.

Upcoming Dressage Clinics

The Arkansas Valley Dressage Association is the Southern Colorado chapter of the Rocky Mountain Dressage Society. As part of the organization, there are myriad clinics that help educate and maintain a balance with both horses and riders.

The judges basket from the Oct. 5 show that includes an AVDA hat.

The judges basket from the Oct. 5 show that includes an AVDA hat.

AVDA Schwag On Sale
Hats, mugs available

Did you know that the Arkansas Valley Dressage Association’s logo was designed by active member Brenda Haley? Did you know that it is now on mugs and hats available for purchase for anyone wanting some AVDA schwag? If you love our mugs and hats, check back with us in the future because we are looking into adding T-shirts, jackets and other clothing items with the AVDA logo on them, all proceeds supporting the organization through education, sponsorship opportunities and others.

For more information and a price list, email avdadressage2019@gmail.com



The Arkansas Valley Dressage Association believes in the continuing education of the sport of dressage for both horses and riders. Through various clinicians, training books and guides sessions, grants, veterinarians and others, we are dedicated to the principles of dressage that come from centuries of knowledge, all the way up to present day revelations.


Relax & Breathe

When it comes to Dressage, the educational aspect is limitless. AVDA helps promote education through clinics, webinars, education material, schooling shows, ride-a-tests and myriad other methods to promote the health and well-being of horse and rider. And mostly, it’s about enjoying our equine partners, learning to relax and learning how to breathe.


Awards Program

AVDA will provide our members with award programs for their accomplishments in the show ring. We offer two sets of awards, one for the high point winners from the Riverwalk Schooling Series and the second for over all results from any shows held during the current competition year.


Century Rides

The Century Club recognizes dressage riders and horses whose combined ages total 100 years or more. Horse and rider perform a test of any level at a show (schooling or recognized) or event, and are scored by a dressage judge or professional. Western Dressage riders are also welcome to join the Century Club. 


What we’re about and who we are

The Arkansas Valley Dressage Association serves those interested in the sport of classical dressage and/or those who are pursuing knowledge of this training as it applies to other disciplines. We are dedicated to the principles of dressage that come from centuries of knowledge applied to the modern horse and rider regardless of discipline.