AVDA Schooling Show Series

Per Test for Members: $25 • Per Test for Non-Members $30

The Arkansas Valley Dressage Association’s Dressage Schooling Show Series provides a warm, safe environment filled with learning opportunities for both horses and riders that allows participants to learn the dressage tests, get acquainted with the sport or experience a taste of the show ring without the stress of the rated shows. The show series is under the guidance of the Rocky Mountain Dressage Society. For more information, contact Katie Healy Knight at 425-890-6112 or email ktknight60@gmail.com or Christine Casillas at 970-471-0371 or email remedios15@gmail.com.






For reservations or information:

Contact AVDA Education co-chair Renee McMillen at 719-276-2029 or email her at mcmillenrenee@gmail.com.